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Wish Web Design — Branding and Logo Design

Set Your Business Apart from the Competition with Professional Branding and Logo Design .

Let Us Create a Brand That Will Resonate with Your Customers.

At Wish Web Design, we know what it takes to create a business brand. We get under the skin of the businesses we represent to create logos and branding that tell a story.

Our logo design services begin with research. We will research the history, culture and ethos of your organisation to ensure our creation represents the essence of what you do.

The next part of the brand identity design process involves listening to you, the client. We’ll let you share your creative vision with us — and use it as a starting point for the creative process.

We’ll create a selection of options based on our research and your vision. From there, you can choose one that represents your brand’s identity. But if you want to suggest changes, we’ll listen to what you have to say.

The Wish Web Design Branding Process.

To ensure the logo and branding we create resonates with your target audience, we will  make sure they adhere to the following principles:


  • Strong and eye-catching
  • Simple yet descriptive
  • Memorable
  • Adaptable to various formats and marketing channels
  • Appropriate use of colours
  • Timeless 
  • Unique


We will experiment with different fonts, colour schemes themes, illustrations and wording until we believe we’ve created something that encapsulates your brand. 


We offer affordable logo design with your target audience and core principles in mind. Our aim is to create a striking visualisation of what you and your business represent. 


When someone sees your logo, they should instantly think of your business and its products. That’s our mission as a provider of corporate identity design services.


Take the first step to creating a killer brand for your business by contacting us today.

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